Long Term Review: Indian Pursuit


Indian Motorcycles continue to expand its model lineup of American-made V-Twin cruisers. The Pursuit is the latest addition which adds more touring capabilities with modern features. Technically, it is also called an Indian Challenger with a top box, but it is targeting riders that want a luxury tourer with the comfort of a modern liquid-cooled engine. We have been riding it for the last 9 months to see if it is the right fit for you.

Since October 2022, we have been reviewing the Indian Pursuit and have already put together a detailed review. The more we rode the Pursuit, it became clear that it is not only one of the most technologically advanced fully dressed cruisers, but it is one of the best motorcycles to ride year-round in North America. It is a rewarding experience if you are looking for a luxury cruiser and flowing through the curvy roads comfortably, but most importantly, you don’t have to wait warmer days to do so.

The most important piece that represents the traditional Indian design language is the front fascia. As expected from a luxury dresser, the Pursuit comes with full LED lighting with distinctive daytime running lights. It comes with a large fairing that provides excellent wind and weather protection, and you can also adjust the electronically adjusted windshield based on your height or riding style. Unlike the Challenger, the biggest difference in the front is the side fairings for extra wind and weather protection and that’s where you would find the LED fog lights.

From the side profile, you would find many traditional Indian design features, such as the iconic front fender, teardrop-shaped fuel tank with an Indian logo, diamond-stitched seats for the rider and the passenger, and eye-catching red paint. Our tester was the “Dark Horse” trim with the Premium Package, which means that there were almost no chrome parts, all of them were blacked out for a sportier look.

Another distinctive design feature is the modern instrument cluster mounted within the fairing. It has analog gauges for the tachometer and the speed, but the rest of the information can be found in the digital display which offers tons of different features. The touchscreen can be controlled through the riding gloves, though you have to push harder to make sure it registers. You can also connect your phone through Bluetooth including smartphone integration such as the Apple CarPlay.

The digital screen can also be customizable based on your liking with multiple different pages. You also get a remote garage opener up to 2 doors. Also, you can see the tire pressure, adjust rear suspension settings, or simply just go to the navigation page to see the map. Everything can be controlled through the touchscreen, meaning that you don’t need to get used to the button layout located on the handlebars. There are 5 physical buttons located under the screen, and they allow you to go directly to the feature you are looking for.

If you are looking for a Pursuit instead of any type of bagger, the chances are you are planning to ride with a passenger or need extra cargo space. The Pursuit comes with a very large top case that can take 2 helmets side by side, or one large helmet and a camera bag easily. The side bags are also a part of the frame, so it’s not really an attachment, and each can take riding jackets, boots, and gloves easily. Overall cargo space is 35.8 gallons and all storage compartments have the remote-locking capability.

It doesn’t matter if you are the rider or the passenger, the priority is the riding comfort, and everyone has plenty of space to find the right position. The rider has very relaxed ergonomics, the handlebars are not far from you. The floorboards allow you to change your riding position slightly for longer rides, and the passenger also gets a smaller floorboard for maximum comfort. Both rider and the passenger gets the heated seats and USB chargers, and there are extra cubbies on both sides to store smaller items, making the Pursuit an ideal motorcycle for longer trips.

If you ask what’s the most distinctive feature of any modern Indian cruiser compared to the other domestic entries, the answer would be the liquid-cooled V-twin engine. It’s a 108ci (1768cc) engine that puts out 122 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque. The engine has tons of bottom-end grunt and a punchy midrange, so you don’t have to rev the engine to go fast. The engine has advanced features like cylinder deactivation at idle, and it offers good MPG in general. It is susceptible to the octane rating, Indian recommends 91 octane for all types of riding. If you cannot find a 91 octane on a long trip, you might hear detonation at lower RPMs.

In our long-term test, the average consumption was 38 MPG – 6.2L / 100km, which is quite impressive for a behemoth that weighs a little over 900 lbs. It’s matched with 6-speed transmission geared slightly shorter for a luxury tourer. It’s not extreme, but noticeable if you are doing long trips regularly. The bike revs around 3000-3500 RPM at highway speeds, which means it has plenty of roll-on power without downshifting, but that also means it is noisier at higher speeds.

The Pursuit comes with 43mm inverted forks in the front, and an electronically adjustable shock allows you to fine-tune the suspension settings depending on the overall weight and the riding style. The Brembo brakes are great additions to an unexpectedly sporty experience for a heavyweight cruiser. Despite having giant floorboards, the Pursuit has a decent amount of cornering clearance and you really need to push it hard to see the limits of the bike. It feels very confident in the mid-corner, but it cannot hide its weight in tight curves or low-speed maneuvers.

The overall weight is the only flaw when you slow down, it might be challenging to keep the bike up even for large adults. On the other hand, the Indian Pursuit provides what Harley-Davidson fans and owners have been missing out on for so many years. It offers a balanced package of great looks, sportiness, high-quality materials, a modern drivetrain, and the latest technology.

In our 9-month and 2000-mile test, we haven’t encountered any big issues, the bike didn’t burn any oil even in the break-in period. The only problem was inflating the rear tire which was a challenge, as you have to remove one of the side panniers, it just requires more work to access. Thankfully, you can see tire pressures through the digital display and can inflate when needed, so you don’t have to manually check every week.

No matter what type of rider you are, owning and riding the Indian Pursuit is a memorable experience, as it offers the ultimate comfort with the fun factor in a calm fashion. It is a great motorcycle to live every day, and probably one of the best types of motorcycles if you are riding 2-up on a regular basis. Customization is also an important part of the experience, Indian offers a huge list of accessories and optional features. The heated grips, seats and overall wind protection are great assets if you are riding in a colder climate, making it the ideal cruiser if you live in the Northern states or Canada.

Engine1768cc (108 cu in), liquid-cooled DOHC V-Twin
Max Power122 hp @ 5600 rpm
Max Torque128 lb-ft @ 3800 rpm
Front BrakesDual four-piston Brembo calipers with 320mm discs
Rear BrakesSingle two-piston caliper with 298mm disc
Dry Weight930 lbs – 421 kg
Fuel Capacity6.0 gallons – 22.7 L
Seat Height26.5 inches – 672 mm
Top Speed110 mph (limited) – 180 km/h
Fuel Economy (Combined)38 MPG – 6.2 L/100 km
Price (As tested)$44,499 (CAD)

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