Three Chevrolet EVs Of The Future: Refined and Powerful

Chevrolet EVs will make a broad range of affordable, electrified vehicles gradually in every segment. During the CIAS 2023 Media Day, I had the opportunity to talk to James Hodge, Brand Director of Chevrolet Canada. We had a visual look at three upcoming EV models: Equinox EV, Blazer EV and Silverado EV. All three models […]

First Look: 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Makes Canadian Debut

Before we start, the good old Highlander isn’t going anywhere, because everyone loves it. Don’t take my word, please go to the nearest Toyota dealer and ask how long you have to wait to get one. The “every day” Highlander is the bestseller 3-row SUV in North America, but the biggest compromise is the interior […]