2022 Indian Pursuit – Highway Crusher

The 2022 Indian Pursuit is the most technologically advanced American dresser.

Whether you want a big cruiser to put big miles, ride 2-up comfortably, or even a retirement gift on two wheels, nothing can get better than an American touring machine. Our long-term tester, the 2022 Indian Pursuit offers a traditional heavyweight touring experience with modern features, which also gives a lot of hints about the brand’s plans for future models and other cruisers in their model lineup.

If you are not familiar with the “Pursuit” nameplate, it’s the Indian Challenger variant which has been released in 2020. New to 2022, The Pursuit is going to be the flagship touring entry in the brand’s model lineup, and it definitely has a road presence when you look at it. At first glance, it is almost impossible to differentiate the Pursuit as it has exactly the same front fascia and a unique headlight design to both model, but there are important differences when you get into the details.

I personally think the Pursuit looks much better than the competition with its more masculine yet elegant design touches. Our tester is the Dark Horse trim, which has fewer chrome parts in exchange for matte black accessories such as the exhaust pipes and trims all around the bike. It also has the Premium Package, offering electronically adjustable spring preload for the rear shocks, cornering ABS, IMU system, fog lights and heated Touring Comfort seat, making the Pursuit ideal for longer trips.

The biggest difference is that it comes with a giant weatherproof top case, which can take 2 helmets easily. It also offers extra comfort for the passenger, as it also has an armrest and speakers included. The attention to detail is impressive inside and out, but if you are planning to ride solo and want to make it look like a bagger, you can remove it. It is not as easy to remove as some aftermarket options, but it just looks like a part of the motorcycle better than anything else.

The Pursuit shares the same fairing with the Challenger, but it offers better wind and weather protection mainly because it has lower fairings on both sides. The lower fairings are not just two plastic pieces, it is where the LED fog lights are located, and both fairings come with vents if you need extra airflow. If you are riding in cold weather, you would definitely appreciate having extra wind and weather protection, making the Pursuit a great option for colder climates like the northern States or Canada.

Even if you remove the top case, you still have a decent amount of cargo space thanks to the large side bags, and they can easily be locked remotely, except for the small cubbies located in the front. They are covered in glossy black plastics, which look nice and shiny when it’s new, but they’ll scratch and age quickly. The front cubbies are large enough for a smartphone or a wallet, and you will find a USB cable for smartphone integration, meaning that the 2022 Indian Pursuit is one of the first American touring machines that come standard with wired Apple CarPlay.

Speaking of smartphone integration, the 7-inch touchscreen works exceptionally well. It comes with Indian’s latest Ride Command+ software that can be customized based on your liking. There are a few different layouts that you can choose from and customize each one. There are some impressive features like the garage door opener or tire pressure monitoring system. The sound system is good around town and at low speeds, but useless at highway speeds. Thankfully switching to helmet speakers is extremely easy and I found it is one of the most intuitive systems available.

Of course, one important factor that makes Indian Pursuit stand out is the engine. The PowerPlus V-Twin engine is quite unique with its overhead camshafts instead of the pushrods used in everything else. The 108 cubic inch engine (1769cc) pumps out 122 hp and 128 ft-lbs. Those numbers are pretty impressive in a market where other entries do not even share their horsepower figures. Thanks to the overhead camshafts, the PowerPlus engine can rev all the way up to 6500 RPM and gives a flat torque curve from low RPMs all the way up to the redline.

The engine is much more modern from a technical and engineering standpoint, but it did not lose its traditional V-Twin character. The bottom-end grunt is still impressive, and the traditional V-Twin vibrations are still present. If you close your eyes and listen to the engine sound, you would literally think it’s a push rod engine. The 6-speed transmission is easy to operate, the shifter is crisp, the clutch lever gives you a lot of feedback, and you are always in the right gear thanks to the torquey 60-degree V-twin engine. The only missed opportunity is that there is no reverse gear, so you need to be mindful when you are parking on a hill.

As expected from a premium tourer, the seating position is quite neutral and upright, floorboards allow you to place your foot at multiple different angles. As soon as you get on it, you immediately feel the Pursuit is designed for long rides, and it belongs to highways. Wide handlebars allow you to control the bike at lower speeds easier. It also comes with an electronically adjustable windshield and heated grips/seats, another reason why it is a great choice for colder climates. If you are planning to take long trips, it really cannot get any more comfortable than this for the rider and the passenger.

Spirited riding on twisties is where I was surprised the most in a positive way. Of course, you cannot defy the laws of physics, you need to remember the fact that this is almost 1000 lbs without any humans or cargo added, so it is not a nimble bike by any means. However, thanks to the low center of gravity, long wheelbase, and aluminum frame, it tips into the corners with confidence, and it is quite stable in the mid-corner. I wish Indian offered adjustable front forks as an option, but it is not available at all. Electronic adjustment can be done only for the rear shock.

The only negative I will bring up is the braking performance, especially the front brakes. On paper, it is a quite good combination with dual 320mm discs and Brembo 4-piston calipers in the front, and a 298mm disc with 2-piston caliper in the back, and steel brake lines are included. The front brake lever feels quite firm, the modulation isn’t smooth, and you really have to pull it hard to get a decent amount of stopping power. It should not be a deal breaker for most riders, but something to keep in mind if you are planning to ride at a faster pace, you have to use rear brakes to add extra stopping power at high speeds.

With the starting price of $36,999 CAD, it might be out of range for the majority of riders, but it is such a great choice for the right type of audience. The 2022 Indian Pursuit offers a unique package without changing the golden formula of the traditional American dresser. It still has a big-bore American V-twin engine, exceptionally comfortable ride, great road presence, masculine looks, tons of storage options, excellent build quality, and pulls like a freight train. The difference is more obvious when you get into the details, it feels more up-to-date with the latest tech and it doesn’t feel like it is stuck in the 20th century, which makes the Pursuit appealing to the younger demographics.

Engine1768cc (108 cu in), liquid-cooled DOHC V-Twin
Max Power122 hp @ 5600 rpm
Max Torque128 lb-ft @ 3800 rpm
Front BrakesDual four-piston Brembo calipers with 320mm discs
Rear BrakesSingle two-piston caliper with 298mm disc
Dry Weight930 lbs – 421 kg
Fuel Capacity6.0 gallons – 22.7 L
Seat Height26.5 inches – 672 mm
Top Speed110 mph (limited) – 180 km/h
Fuel Economy (Combined)38 MPG – 6.2 L/100 km
Price (As tested)$43,299 (CAD)
For more details – please visit www.indianmotorcycle.com/en-ca/

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