2022 Honda Pilot: Short Trip Impressions

Although slightly outdated and due for a redesign, the Pilot remains a robust and reliable alternative in the highly competitive midsize SUV segment

In August, we took the 2022 Honda Pilot for a day trip North of Toronto. After a delicious meal at a Korean barbecue restaurant in Richmond Hill, we visited the beautiful King Campus of the Seneca College in King City.

Korean Barbecue

Korea, the Asian tiger is a rising star in the last two decades if not more. A highly industrialized country known also for its technological products like Samsung, LG, Genesis and more, this geographically small country exports not only high-tech products such as smartphones, TV sets and autos but also exerts a cultural influence globally. Korean films and series, such as the Squid Game make headlines and top the watching lists on Netflix and numerous TV channels worldwide.

Once every two months or so, I love to visit a Korean barbecue restaurant. As food is one of carrying pillars of a culture, so does the Korean way of cooking meat.

The Korean Barbecue at Commerce Gate Plaza at Highway 7 in Richmond Hill is a place I have been visiting for years. A couple of times every year. It is a great place for gatherings with family or friends.

This time I had a late afternoon lunch with my girlfriend from Turkey who spent two months of summer in Canada with me. I wanted to offer her a unique dining experience in multicultural Canada. Although Kebap or the general definition for grilled meat is part of the food culture in Turkey, our home country, the Korean barbecue is an interesting and mouth-watering experience we very much appreciate as meat lovers. With your own “cooking fire” immersed into your table and a wide choice of raw meat served, you cook and serve to yourself and your loved ones.

With the “All You Can Eat” option, the Korean way of eating meat becomes a thrilling culinary experience. As you can not refrain from eating more than you actually need, a late afternoon visit for an early dinner makes a healthier choice.

Do not wait until the late evening and give yourself time to digest the food long before going to bed.

After a delicious dinner, we left the place and did not bother much about the barbecue smelling of our clothes.

Seneca College King Campus

Now it was time for a walk in nature and so, we hit the road with our Honda Pilot to the north. This is how we did by visiting Seneca College’s King City campus 38 kilometres from Korean Barbecue in Richmond Hill.

Just North of the flourishing King City, Seneca College’s King Campus is just 52 kilometres from Downtown Toronto.

On route to Seneca King Campus

King Campus of Seneca College is home to full- and part-time programs in the areas of applied arts and health sciences. We spent here about two hours by walking.

The campus is a great place to learn and study, but also to walk and relax.

One of the remarkable units on the campus was the Magna Hall.

Magna Hall is the biggest contribution Seneca College received so far

The three-storey, 200,000-square-foot building houses 25 classrooms, a double gymnasium, a rock-climbing wall and the capacity to welcome an additional 1,500 students. Magna International, one of the biggest suppliers of the automotive industry and proudly a Canadian company, provided a $3-million contribution for the King Campus expansion, making it the largest gift in Seneca’s history.

Magna’s generous contribution is a beautiful example of how businesses support education.

Seneca King Campus is an oasis not far from the bustle of Downtown Toronto

2022 Honda Pilot

The 2022 Honda Pilot, launched in 2015, is due for a replacement/redesign for the next model year. On the flip side, we have a mature, reliable three-row SUV that we tested earlier and had another chance to drive one year after.

We had a comprehensive review of the previous year’s model and in its last model year, the Pilot remained unchanged.

With the typical reliability of Honda, this SUV gives confidence a provides a smooth ride.


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