2024 Infiniti QX60 – Old-school Luxury

If you are old enough to know, Infiniti once led the charge in the Japanese luxury sedan market back in the 1990s. In recent years, the brand has shifted its focus to premium SUVs due to changing consumer demand, which is why the QX60 is the bread and butter for the brand. The QX60 offers […]

EV Review: 2024 Polestar 2

Finding the right electric vehicle can be an overwhelming experience, given the fact that there are lots of new models and new startups. However, not many brands have as interesting value propositions as the Polestar. It is a relatively new brand, backed by Volvo. The difference is that Volvo still offers internal combustion engines and […]

2024 Hot Hatchback Shootout – 2024 Acura Integra Type-S vs Volkswagen Golf R

The popularity of hot hatches, or sporty hatchbacks has been steadily increasing in North America for a good reason. People want affordable one-car solutions to do everything, and hot hatches are the most affordable fun compact vehicles for the masses. Compared to a few decades ago, the modern hot hatches have to do everything better, […]

2024 Alfa Romeo Tonale – Uniquely Distinctive

Alfa Romeo’s several decades of absence in North America ended a few years ago, with the arrival of bestseller models like Guila and Stelvio. The Tonale is the latest addition that competes in the subcompact premium segment, aiming to challenge the BMW X1, Volvo XC40 and others. In typical Alfa Romeo fashion, the Tonale not […]

2024 Buick Envista – New Era

The subcompact crossover segment has always been popular, but coupe-like crossovers are next level. There has been no groundbreaking entry since they have become the go-to choice for small families, as it is not easy to think outside the box with a limited budget, a product supposed to be affordable and accessible to the masses. […]

Review: 2024 BMW X2

If you are looking for a premium or luxury SUV, BMW has almost 10 different SUV options in their model lineup, including EVs. The popularity of the X3 has severely overshadowed the X2, people usually choose either X1 or X4 if they want a coupe-like silhouette, the X2 has always been the most underrated SUV […]

2024 Mercedes-Benz S580e 4MATIC – The Statue of Luxury

Whether you are a successful businessman, a diplomat, a prime minister, a congressman, or a relentless dictator, there is only one vehicle you choose as a quintessential luxury sedan, it’s the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Unlike the old days, luxury sedans have to offer much more than a great interior and great ride quality, there has to […]

2024 Volkswagen Tiguan – Aging Gracefully

It’s not easy to stand out especially when there is a big crowd of uninspiring crossovers for the masses, the Volkswagen Tiguan offers a unique product proposition with sharp looks combined with great practicality and European flare. It may not be the newest kid on the block, but it offers unique features that make it […]

EV Review: KIA EV9

The EV market has slowed down for several reasons, but KIA continues bringing more electric vehicles to the North American market. The EV6 was the brand’s first serious attempt and had a huge splash along with its corporate cousin, the Hyundai Ioniq 5. KIA brought the most anticipated EV of the year, the EV9. It’s […]

Underrated 3-row SUV Battle: Nissan Pathfinder vs Subaru Ascent

Choosing the right 3-row SUV is a challenge nowadays. Each brand has at least one or more offerings, not to mention almost all of them have electric or hybrid versions that make it even harder to choose the right one for your family. We have already reviewed and compared the most popular and bestselling 3-row […]