Review: 2022 BMW S1000 XR

2022 BMW S1000 XR is the ultimate “touring” machine that can turn your commute into an event.

2022 BMW S1000 XR

For BMW, Touring/Adventure segment is more important than anything. Unlike the other brands, they have an adventure bike for different types of riders. It is not easy for a potential buyer to choose the right one, as they currently have 6 different models.

In order to simplify the things, probably the most well-known Touring bike is the R1250 GS, as it is also considered as the “Swiss Army Knife” of motorcycling world. However, for more performance oriented riders, BMW got them covered with the S1000 XR while still offering Touring features.

Like the looks of the bike, it is the sportiest and edgiest touring bike on the market, as it shares the drivetrain with the well known superbike, S1000RR. Of course, it is much taller, wider and heavier, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the front fascia looks much like a sport bike.

From the side profile, you feel that it has Touring characteristics, as it is quite taller than the S1000RR. In fact for taller adults this may be the ultimate sport bike, as the riding position is quite more aggressive than an average Touring bike.

Speaking of riding position, the ergonomics are still quite good and offers relatively more upright seating position. The seat is quite comfortable but they are designed for shorter people in mind. The seat height cannot be adjusted, so you have to get high or low seat based on your height.


Standing up while you are riding is relatively easy. Foot pegs are placed not too aggressively, and they allow you to hug the gas tank with your knees. Your right heel may hit to the exhaust pipe, and I think it’s acceptable considering this is not meant for off-roading by any means, and you don’t really need to stand up in any circumstance.

Overall, the S1000 XR found a nice balance of sportiness and comfort. You don’t get a lot of seating space as a rider and not a lot of legroom for the passenger. I like the fact that you sit in a bike, not on top of it which gives you confidence during acceleration, so you don’t have to try to hold the bike with your knees.


If you are planning to take the S1000 XR on long trips on a regular basis, you should get the Touring package which comes with a top case rack, GPS mount, USB charging, and most importantly the center stand. Also the windscreen is just okay when it comes to wind protection, it can be raised or lowered manually, and it can be replaced with high windscreen or an aftermarket solution.

Aside from the touring features and taller seat height, as well as more upright riding, the fundamentals are derived from the sport bike, also called the S1000RR. BMW used the same drivetrain in few more models, including the naked version called S1000R.

For the adventure/touring version, there are few changes in the drivetrain to make it more touring friendly. However, it still keeps traditional sport bike character which also makes the 2022 BMW S1000 XR quite unique in this segment. It is not the first and only 4 cylinder, but definitely one of the fastest one.

2022 BMW S1000 XR comes with a screaming 999cc inline 4 cylinder engine puts out 165 horsepower and 84 lb-ft of torque which revs over 11000 rpm. Like any other 4 cylinder engine, it has the same characteristics where it really comes alive over 6000 rpm, and it is face meltingly fast all the way up to the redline.

It has a quite mellow character below 5000 rpm though, almost like it is underpowered and you have to downshift especially if you are in a high gear and riding uphill. The engine is also quite buzzy, you just can’t get away with the fact that 4 cylinders vibrate at certain rpms, and S1000 XR is no exception.

The gearing is also relatively tall like a sport bike, which is also quite beneficial for a sports tourer. Like many other high end BMW motorcycles, it comes with Quickshifter which can both upshift and downshift, and it works flawlessly.

Let’s talk about tech. 2022 BMW S1000 XR same 6.5 inch TFT dash that is one of the most comprehensive on the market. However, what’s more impressive is that it is extremely easy to use with the rotary control placed on the handlebar and it is very easy to read with no glare.

As expected from any modern BMW motorcycle, especially an expensive one, it comes with a lot of safety features and riding aids. It features the latest Bosch IMU which provides cornering ABS, lean angle detection traction control system, hill start assist and wheelie control.


The only riding aids I was not happy was the hill start assist, as it wasn’t sensitive enough. You have to give a lot of throttle input as well as play with the clutch lever to let the system know you are trying to move forward, which you sometimes end up stalling the bike. It was so annoying, I had to disable the feature.

As a daily driver, 2022 BMW S1000 XR is a good choice, considering it offers a lot of tech, riding aids, but what’s more important is that S1000 XR inherited the sport riding dynamics from the famous S1000RR. We need to remember the fact that BMW has a rich history at the Isle of Man, and they are currently using the M1000RR and S1000RR.

So having a racing oriented engine in an S1000 XR gives the bike a unique character where all other entries feel boring. The S1000 XR genuinely feels like a tall racing bike when you ride it fast. It is also one of the best handling entries, thanks to the electronically adjustable suspension.


Speaking of the suspension, both front and rear can be adjusted through the infotainment system, but I found the custom options pretty limited. In sport mode, it is quite firm, and in normal mode it is on the firmer side which underlines the sporty character of the bike.

The bike also comes with different riding modes, if you don’t want to adjust each setting separately. There are three “standard” riding modes; Road, Dynamic and Rain. Dynamic ESA Pro suspension comes standard, and you can customize your settings by choosing the Dynamic Pro mode.

Despite having firm suspension tune, you can’t get away from the fact that the front end dives in pretty quick at hard braking. This is mainly because forks are taller for touring purposes, therefore there is a lot of travel. It’s also because the Brembo front brakes offer great amount of stopping power.

It is obvious that 2022 BMW S1000 XR is not for everyone, but it is probably the best option for the right guy who is looking for one bike to do-it-all, in a spirited riding fashion. The point of a bike like this is not just getting A to B, or long trips. S1000 XR is very good at turning your commute into an event.

2022 BMW S1000 XR is priced just below $20,000 and with the option list, it’s not hard to go over $25,000 CAD. From the base price stand point, it offers a great value proposition considering it comes with a decent standard feature list and its overall performance that turns riding into a memorable experience.

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