Review: 2022 Genesis G70

2022 Genesis G70 is a sports compact sedan that undercuts the BMW M340i.

2022 Genesis G70

Although it is heavily refreshed, 2022 Genesis G70 is still one of the first premium compact sedans from South Korea to compete with German rivals that have been on the market for several decades. As a luxury brand, Genesis come up with new models, especially new SUVs and Crossovers since last time we reviewed the pre-facelift G70 few years ago.

Exterior and Interior

Things have changed a lot, and you may think that G70 is also a new platform, but it is not the case. It is still the first generation that is heavily updated especially the exterior design. Like the newer model lineups, G70 now has the brand new front end design that is also used in another models.

Updated Genesis G70 comes with the new corporate face

To be more specific, it comes with a diamond shaped huge front grille, and 2 piece headlight design which is the modern Genesis design language. It looks so much better and upscale than the pre-facelift version. It has a nice combination of sharp and smooth body lines especially on the hood line and the front bumper.

There are some sharp body lines going through the side profile

Things have not changed too much especially when you look from the side profile, it still looks like a G70 like the first model year. Of course, it comes with sport 19″ Aluminum wheels in a dark gray color. It also has fake vents on the front fenders, which I am not a fan of it.

Like the front end, rear design is also heavily updated

Like the front design, rear end design is also heavily updated and it completely looks like a different car. Updated G70 is probably one of the few modern cars that have a radical design change while still keeping the same platform. It has dual oval shaped exhaust tips that are not fake, but real exhaust tips are not integrated and I think they don’t look good.

Unlike the exterior, it has the same interior design

Unlike the exterior, the dashboard looks pretty much the same except few small changes. For instance, now you are getting much bigger infotainment screen which also comes with the latest Genesis infotainemtn system. Other than that, interior quality is okay by today standards, but nothing really stands out.

Rear seat legroom is limited, but acceptable for a sports sedan

As expected from a rear wheel biased sports sedan, rear passenger accommodation is not the strongest selling point, but it has surprisingly decent amount of legroom for a compact sedan thanks to the depth of the bottom cushion that allows more overall legroom space. It also comes with heated rear seats.

G70 comes with 10.5 cubic feet (297 L) of trunk space

Probably the biggest downfall of the whole interior is the overall trunk space. 2022 Genesis G70 comes with 10.5 cubic feet (297L) of cargo space, which is one of the smallest in the compact premium sedan segment. At least it comes with comfort features such as the power tailgate.

Engine and Drivetrain

2022 Genesis G70 comes with two different engine options. The base engine is a 2.0L inline-4 cylinder that puts out 252 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. If you opt for the Sport trim like our tester, it only comes with twin turbo 3.3L V6 engine that pumps out 365 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque.

Twin turbo 3.3L V6 engine puts out 365 horsepower and 376 lb-ft of torque

While the numbers are not as good as some German entries, the twin turbo V6 engine offers great balance of performance and comfort. It has torque pretty much the whole rev range and can be quite fast right off the line, thanks to the standard AWD system.

Regardless of your engine choice, 2022 Genesis G70 only comes with automatic transmission, which is an 8-Speed unit that is made in house by Hyundai. It does not have the fastest shifting like BMW’s 8-Speed, but for the price range, it is a great option.

Driving Impressions and Features

When you get behind the wheel, the first thing that you realize is there are many common parts used in other KIA, Hyundai and first generation Genesis model lineup. Newer gen Genesis models don’t have this issue as they finally have distinguished interior design and quality.

First generation G70 uses a lot of common parts with other Hyundai and KIA models

As soon as you start driving, you feel it is more of a sporty sedan rather than premium feeling. This was the first attempt made by Genesis, so it is definitely not on par with German competition. However, the interior feels very solid, there is absolutely no flimsy parts or materials on the dashboard.

Daily driving the G70 is quite fun, even when you are driving in comfort mode, cruising down the road. The engine has torque pretty much everywhere, which makes it very easy to use and you don’t have to worry about downshifting.

Lexicon premium audio system sounds very good

It can also be quite fast if you want to. However, if you are driving it normally, the elephant in the room is the overall fuel consumption which we were averaging about 14.0L / 100 km. It’s very hard to get the consumption lower even on the highway whereas the rivals can get much better fuel economy.

Sport trim comes with big Brembo calipers

G70 shines when you chuck it around the corner. It does not have very high grip level, but the way all-wheel-drive system responds make the G70 as sporty as BMW M340i, if not sportier. You can adjust different driving modes for optimal driving settings, but there is minimal body roll even in Comfort mode.

One of the reasons why it handles good is having the Sport trim. It is the most expensive trim and it only comes with V6 engine option, but unlike many manufacturers, it is not just visual upgrades. It comes with sport tuned electronic suspension, limited slip differential, big Brembo braking system, and variable exhaust valve.

Seats look very upscale and they offer great balance of comfort and sportiness

As a result, suspension setting is firm but should not be deal breaker. Seat comfort helps a lot, it has relatively firm cushion but diamond shaped seats look very upscale, and it is very adjustable based on your height and body type. It also offers great balance of sportiness and comfort, even side bolsters can be adjusted electronically or based on the driving mode.

Like many other Genesis, Hyundai and KIA models, it comes with some of my favorite features such as Blind View Monitor, Adaptive Cruise Control with Highway Driving Assist and great infotainment system that has excellent camera and screen resolution.

Updated infotainment screen has a great resolution

Though Genesis updated the infotainment system, it still does not have wireless smartphone integration which is kind of disappointing. Another missing opportunity is that I was expecting to see full digital cluster, but instead Genesis only updated half of the cluster and kept the speed gauge analogue.

Pricing and the Verdict

Despite it’s age, heavily revised 2022 Genesis G70 is still a very compelling option especially if you are looking for a premium sports compact sedan that can be quite fun to drive, for a reasonable price tag. Updated G70 looks so much better with the new Genesis face and brand image.

2022 Genesis G70 starts at $45,500 CAD

2022 Genesis G70 starts at a very competitive price tag of $45,500 with the base trim and 2.0T 4 cylinder engine, but like our tester, if you want the top trim with the high performance V6 engine, it goes all the way up to $59,500 with the Sport trim.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a bargain premium compact sedan, I think G70 is still way to go. It is several thousand dollar cheaper than any other German rivals, and that’s why it still offers the most bang for the buck in a premium compact sedan segment.

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