2021 Honda Passport Touring. A Perfect Segment Filler

2021 Honda Passport Touring: Overview

The Passport was a missing piece in Honda’s lineup for almost 15 years. Between the best-selling CR-V, the compact crossover and the Pilot, the three-row SUV, Honda needed a two-row SUV which was bigger than a compact-class vehicle.

The original Passport was a badge-engineered Honda version of Isuzu Rodeo manufactured in the USA between 1993 and 2002 as a cooperation between the two companies.
Honda used an Isuzu platform to enter the US SUV market while Isuzu utilized a Honda platform to produce and sell passenger cars.
Later, Isuzu discontinued car production and the cooperation ended due to economic circumstances. Honda finally brought its own SU, the Pilot into the market.

In November 2018 Honda launched its own, “home-made” Passport as a compact plus SUV filling the gap conveniently between the CR-V and the Pilot. You can call this model also a “shortened” Pilot without the third row.

The Passport shares the same powertrain with Pilot.

To say that the Passport is smaller than the Pilot is only partially true. It’s only four inches shorter than the Pilot, rides on an identical wheelbase and is just as wide, contributing to a feeling of driving big.

2021 Honda Passport Touring: Engine and Powertrain

The 3.5-litre V6 engine delivering 280 hp and 262 lb-ft at 4,700 rpm, is the product of three decades of engineering development and experience. Like the Pilot, Passport’s engine is mated to a 9-speed transmission developed by the German ZF.

We have more detailed comments on this engine which you can read at our previous review of Pilot:


2021 Honda Passport Touring

The 3.5-litre V6 engine delivers 280 hp and 262 lb-ft at 4,700 rpm. It can shut down half of the cylinders while cruising

2021 Honda Passport Touring: Interior

Except for the third row, the interior is almost identical to its bigger cousin, Pilot. Unlike the Pilot with captain’s chairs, Passport’s second row is a bench that can accommodate the third passenger. The interior, in some respect, shows its age but the functionality is still good.

The instrument cluster and the dashboard is a bit outdated, yet functional with a big centre console and lots of storage areas. Expect a bigger infotainment screen in the next generation

2021 Honda Passport Touring

The heated and ventilated front seats with leather treatment are very comfortable with power adjustments both for the driver and front passenger

Unlike the Pilot with two captain’s chairs, the second-row bench can accommodate the third passenger

The seating and cargo area are spacious. The cargo volume is 1430 litres behind the second and, 2852 litres behind the first row. So, the Passport provides ample space for the transport of (ideally) four adults.

It is worth noting that that the Passport is one of the largest vehicles in the two-row SUV market. So, the distance to the best-selling, compact CR-V is healthy for the market position of both vehicles.

The cargo volume is 1430 litres behind the second and, 2852 litres behind the first row2021 Honda Passport Touring: Driving Impressions

As the smaller, turbocharged four-cylinder engines dominate more and more this market segment, the naturally aspirated V6 of the Passport turns more and more into a rarity. The smooth-running engine climbs towards the redline of 6,800RPM. It shuts down half the cylinders when cruising, and thus a landmark of efficient Honda engines. During our one-week mixed-mode test drive, we averaged 10.7L/100km. NRC combined rating is 11.3L/100km and thus not far from what we measured.

20″ aluminum-alloy wheels are standard in all Passport models. The bigger P265/45 R20 104H tires are included in the Touring trim

2021 Honda Passport Touring: Pricing and Conclusion

MSRP for the Passport starts at C$ 43,670 with Sport. For the EX-L, the mid-trim is C$ 47,270. As the range-topping Touring, our tester has a starting price of 50,670.
The price difference between the top models of the Pilot and the Passport is nearly 9 grand. For us, this is an acceptable difference as you sacrifice a bigger model with the third row.

For more detailed information, please visit: http://www.honda.ca