2019 BMW X2 35i xDrive. White

BMW’s smallest SAC at the King’s Circle of U of T

On The Road In Toronto And To Ottawa

This article is more about the road then the auto itself.

However, let’s start with the second one:

BMW can be proud of inventing a body-style, which looked somewhat illogical, yet became so popular.

In 2008, The Bavarian company introduced the X6, a vehicle that combines the features of an SUV in a room-inefficient coupe style with a sloping roof costing valuable cargo space. BMW named anf marketed this model as SAC, sports activity coupe. By then, a famous auto journalist defined the X6 even as “a vehicle which doesn’t make sense.”

however, as more and more X6’s hit the roads, People got used and loved this “contradiction”. And many other brands, from Mercedes to Audi and Acura adopted this body style and successfully in most cases.

Endorsed by its sales success, BMW was not hesitant to carry this interpretation of SUV to other members of its model family thus creating X4 the coupe version of X3 and X2, the coupe version of X1.

In addition to our previous review of BMW X1 28i xDrive I was able to quickly review the X2, a “the sportier cousin”.
Thanks to the opportunity BMW Canada provided, I drove with the X2 (2019 model year) from Toronto to Ottawa and back on the same day. The big difference the X2’s more powerful, 2.0L, 4-cylinder, twin-turbo engine with 302 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque.

A smoother, more torquer engine and easier acceleration and passing on the highway are the rewards.

The base price of this model was $49,200, and our well-equipped tester with all bells and whistles had a MSRP of 56,650.

With this vehicle I spent an active and exciting week.

In Toronto With Sinan Meydan, Turkish Historian and Columnist

Visiting the historic main campus of the U of T with our guests from Turkey

Mr. Sinan Meydan, a famous and much respected historian and columnist from Turkey and his wife were the guests of the Ankara Library of Toronto (ALT), a cultural organization that promotes Turkish language and literature. After he met the Canadan Turkish community in Toronto at a talk show, he had only one full day to discover the city. As the President of the ALT and also as a tour guide, it was appropriate to lead him and his wife for a Toronto tour. And this BMW X2 was the host vehicle.

Enjoying tea after beer at Mill Street Brewery
The Historic Distillery District is a must-see during a Toronto tour

The compact size and the responsive steering were only two of several features the X2 offers to navigate Toronto relatively easy on a business day and in rush hours. Following a panoramic view of the Toronto Skyline from Koval’s’kyj Park at the end of Polson Street, we had a longer break at the Historic Distillery District. We walked on the cobblestone streets and tried some ales and enjoyed Montreal smoked meat and poutine at the Millstreet Brewery. BMW showed its fine-tuned, high-quality suspension as we navigated the streets with countless potholes at and near the St. Lawrence Area. After a short stop at the Nathan Phillips Square, we found ourselves at the King’s Circle to discover the Architecture and history of one of the most respected educational institutes on the planet: University of Toronto.

The Author finds his book in a distant, overseas country

Our next stop was the Reference Library, where Mr. Meydan was proud to find some of his books in the Turkish Section.

The finale was the recording of the interview for Turkuaz, an ethnic TV station broadcasting for the Canadian Turkish community.

On The Way To The Nation’s Capital

The Big Apple is a perfect stopover on the way from Toronto to Ottawa. Fresh and delicious food for dine-in and takeout
Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ottawa

On Thursday of the same week, I hit the road to Ottawa to attend the Memorial Concert Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Ausschwitz Concentration Camp at the Embassy of the Russian Federation. Thanks to Anatoly, my dear friend I had received and invitation from Alexandr Darchiev, his Excellency the Ambassador of the Russian Federation.

With Alexandr Darchiev, his Excellency, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ottawa and Anatoly, my dear friend

With Viktoriya Yudina as the singer, Mikhail Kuznetsov the pianist and Roufat Amiraliev the violinist, this was a great performance and a memorable concert.

With Viktoriya Yudina, the singer and Mikhail Kuznetsov,the pianist

Many people cried as Roufat played “Schindler’s List” as the opening piece of the concert.

With Roufat Amiraliev, the violinist

At the reception after the concert, guests became very emotional as a group of Holocaust survivors sang with the Ambassador. Remember that nobody knows if thse senior people would be here next year.

Mr. Ambassador dining and singing holocaust survivors


Returning to Ottawa after the reception, I was lucky enough to have Mr. Alexandr Levkovich, the famous composer as my travel companion. Time passed by so quickly as we conversed about different topics from music to international politics and economy.

The X2 delivered good fuel economy with 8,2 liters on the average

The smooth ride in the well isolated cabin of the X2 helped. The avwerage consumption after 959 kilometers of return dirve was 8.2 liters. An impressive figure for a 2.0L, twin-turbo engine.

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Article and Photos by Varol McKars