2018 Lincoln MKC 2.3T

A weekend escape to Bracebridge in Muskoka Lakes was an opportunity to enjoy an out-town test drive

Lincoln’s compact SUV, based on Ford’s well-selling Escape is a contender in the arguably most competitive class, compact, luxury SUV’s.
This model is somewhat aged (even if gracefully) and you should expect the next-gen MKC around 2021. From a fairer point of view, we should say that there are brand new and arguably better models on the market, such as Acura RDX and Audi Q5.

My tester had the optional 2.3Liter 4-cylinder turbo engine generating 285 horsepower and offering AWD.
During my testing week, (in the city during the week and cottage country at the weekend) the most memorable part of my experience was “range anxiety”, sort of. The tank is small and the average consumption is around 14 liters. So, it is not unusual to have another tank stop in less than 450 kilometers.

I drove this vehicle to Muskoka Lakes for a weekend escape. A nice, comfortable drive on the highway, without being too sporty (even if the MKC had a sports mode). Sportiness is not a Lincoln domain and nothing wrong with this.

The technology, from settled ride to well-functioning sync system, well-isolated cabin, and good brakes make a very good over impression.

Ford was a bit late to recognize the importance of having a luxury brand (maybe, they were too busy to reinvent the mother brand in the first half of this decade). Now more work is necessary to improve on finer details and continue to build the Lincoln image.

MKC versus Escape: FoMoCo has two strong contenders in the traditional and luxury compact SUV segment

Article and photos by Varol McKars