2018 Lincoln Navigator Reserve L

An American, full-size SUV invites you for long and majestic drives

It came as a very pleasant surprise: Because I hadn’t planned it in advance.


As a board member of the Ankara Library of Toronto, a cultural non-profit organization promoting Turkish culture and literature in Canada, I had to deal with two special guests from Turkey. Mr. Nebil Ozgenturk, a writer and a director/producers of countless documentaries, and Mr. Soner Olgun, a musician, singer, and playwright were in Toronto. With them, we celebrated the 111. birthday of Mr. Sabahattin Ali, a Turkish poet, and novelist.
During their short stay in Toronto, I had the pleasure to drive them with one of the most impressive and luxurious SUV’s available on the market. They were happy and glad to have this driving experience (even if only as passengers) that they could probably not have in Turkey or Europe.

The giant Lincoln Navigator in the extended version (Reserve-L) is the top end of Ford’s luxury brand’s SUV family.
FoMoCo’s efforts to build its luxury brand started bearing its fruits. For example, the Continental (that we tested last year) is the return of the big, comfortable and powerful American sedan in an age of SUV’s. And the new Navigator is another turning point for Lincoln to bring back its glorious times.
Based on the Ford Expedition and with its revolutionary aluminum body, Lincoln’s flagship offers comfortable and luxurious transportation.

With its class-leading power (450 hp, 510 lb.-ft. of torque from its twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 and biggest-in-the-class cargo room behind the second and third rows of seats, and the quietest interior, the Navigator is much more than another big SUV. The smooth and powerful engine is mated to a 10-speed transmission and moves quietly and effortlessly.

The 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine delivers a class-leading power of 450 horsepower a torque of 510 lb.-ft

Several auto journalists commented on the seats and critics were in abundance. I also think that simpler design would probably be better than the ultra-modern “seat-in-seat” configuration. (my personal definition). They were comfortable and adjustable in many ways. However, the question remained in my mind: (It could be better and probably it is due for a comprehensive mid-life update around 2021)
As fully-equipped and with an MSRP north of 100K the value proposition of the Navigator is reasonable. However, Ford can do a better job of explaining the rich and glorious history of Lincoln. So far, I think the message in Lincoln ads was weak and somewhat unclear about the product and its background. The current, young generation who can afford a luxury SUV now, does know little about Lincoln.

Bisha, the new and trendy hotel in downtown Toronto welcomes the Navigator

Article and photos by Varol McKars