2017 Jaguar XE R Sport 3.5t


Under the ownership of Tata, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Group successfully continues its model offensive. With the financial strength and confidence thanks to Indian conglomerate, JLR is on its way to become a luxury manufacturer with economics of scale comparable to BMW.

Since to unfortunate S Type under the Ford management, Jaguar badly felt the lack of an entry level sports sedan that can compete with BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class or Audi A4. The new XE Family, introduced last year, expands its offerings to match the depth of the model range a Bimmer can offer.

Earlier this year, we tested the Diesel version of XE (and XF too, in a double-test).

To read this test, please click the link below:

Jaguar XE to XF and Diesel

This Time, we drove the r-Sport version with the 3.0L,

Driving Impressions

Our second test drive with the XE was the opportunity to experience the V6 supercharger with 340 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque.

A couple of months later and compared to Diesel, this is the real Jag to me.  It offers the performance I expect from this car, the magic power reserve-on-demand a supercharger can offer is a feature that makes a car a Jaguar.

We enjoyed our road test also in a closed parking lot and were satisfied with the XE’s flowing, smooth handling and fast driving fast through some twisting roads. The well-balanced chassis and quick steering are what you can expect a luxury sports sedan and we are not disappointed. The XE is easy to to drive fast, and a comfortable enough for long drives, although we did not have this opportunity.

Having said that, only the front seats are comfortable, to provide long-distance comfort and in this regard, the rear seats can accommodate two people only for long drives.







The XE will probably be the backbone of Jaguar’s model range over the coming years with new engines and and even body styles like Estate or Sport Brake even if Ian Callum, the chief designer talks otherwise.


Base price:$57,500

Total Options: Comfort & Convenience Package ($1,900), Driver Assist Package (3,100), Metallic Paint ($600), Navigation SD Card ($800), 20 Blade, 5 Spoke Grey Wheels ($500), Destination & Delivery: ($1,375)

MSRP For The Test Vehicle: $71,050 (including other options not included above)

  • Engine:3.0-litre V-6, supercharged
  • Drive:all-wheel drive
  • Fuel economy (litres/100 km): 8.9 combined, using premium fuel.
  • Alternatives: BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class, Audi A4

Article: Varol McKars, Dokan Gunay

Pictures: Varol McKars, Burak McKars, Dokan Gunay

Test vehicle was provided by JLR Canada via BHG Media

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