2017 Ford Focus EV: Again After A Model Year

A Follow-up From Last Year

Last year, we tested Ford Focus EV as 2016 model.

So, this year’s test drive, is like a follow-up.

The Focus EV is essentially the same car from 2016 to 2017. With a noticeable difference: For the current model year, Ford improved the range of its only all-EV model from 120 to 200 kilometers.

As the race to build EV’s heat up, and affordable EV’s with a range of nearly the double range, like the Chevy Bold reach the market, Focus EV is lagging behind in this race despite this significant improvement.


Early this year at CES, Ford has announced plans to build a range of new electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, revealing plans for seven of its total 13 planned electric cars set for arrival in the next five years. These include a brand-new, fully electric small SUV, and a new fully autonomous car that will be the basis of its new electric ride-hailing fleet, with a target debut date of 2021.

These encouraging plans set aside for now, Fors has to rely on the Focus EV, a derivative of an existing model which wasn’t developed as a dedicated EV.

Driving Impressions

From a different perspective, this is the EV version of a reliable model range which is more affordable and now with a more realistic range. We drove the car several times between Burlington, Mississauga and Toronto with a single charge including return trip. These trips usually avoided rush hours and congestion, but were still encouraging for more daily use of an EV. Based on our real-life experience, this is a considerable improvement. I would go so far to say, it is more important then increasing the range from 500 to 600.


In this model year and with increased range, the Focus EV is a more serious alternative for people who are looking for an affordable EV. And think this model always as a second car. Focus EV has a natural disadvantage against newer models like Chevrolet Bolt, a car designed as an EV from the beginning.

Let’s wait and see Ford’s EV plan to bear fruits in the next four to five years.

The Specifications

Type of vehicle: 5-Door Compact-size Harchback
Engine: 107 kW Electric Motor,
Transmission: 1-speed, automatic transmission
Price (base/as tested): CAD 31,999 / 33.748
Transportation & Handling: CAD 1,650

Optional features:

P225/50R17 LRR Tires

Total Price as Tested: 33,748

Article: Varol McKars

Pictures: Varol McKars, Burak McKars

Test vehicle was provided by Ford Canada (via BHG Media)

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